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Key areas of our work includes working with individuals with severe challenging behaviour, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and profound and multiple learning difficulties with other complex behavioural needs. Emphasis is placed on inclusion in the community for people to ensure that they lead fulfilling life. We have dealt with people whose complex needs have led to their previous placements failing. Our evidence shows the construction of a service around people with such precise needs means that residential care is likely to be a compromise and this can often lead to placement failure. However through our proven track record we have evidence that shows progress can be made with intense and specialist intervention. Our ethos is about defusing situations whereas behaviour which challenges may be exhibited or risk of harm to self/others by implementing techniques and approaches that can reduce the intensity of behaviours displayed by clients.

We target groups for the service are people with complex personal care needs, arising from physical and mental health problems, and short term support to enable people to maximise their independence. The service is reviewed on a regular basis with clients and their families to ensure the services continue to be appropriate. We ensure that each the client has a copy of their own person centred care plan which sets out how the service will be delivered to ensure that desired outcomes and choice of lifestyle are supported.

We ensure that staff has professional qualifications relevant to their work.

Adelaide Care Ltd provides a specialised and focused service for people living in their own home to meet their needs whilst promoting continuity and independence. Comprehensiveindividualised care packages are developed and tailored detailing the individual needs. We provide various levels of support generally to meet the person’s needs as high as two/three staff to one person 24 hours seven days per week. We cater for people sharing and provide individualised service for who cannot share or live with others. All persons will be allocated a key worker that will explore several ways that we can encourage the development of independent living skills on a day to day basis bearing in mind the way we respond.

The person will be supported to learn new skills in structured sessions and thus provide opportunities for self-development and to develop their self-esteem and confidence. All person’s needs to be offered constructive roles and they may need prompting and encouragement and praise to become involved in tasks. Self recognition sessions will be heldto encourage praise and recognition to the person’s accomplishments whether big or small as well as looking at coping strategies for difficulties that are happening for the person.

All persons will be supported to participate in the community setting. Our Community coordinator will work in partnership with the person and their key worker to develop a community programmes that focus on person centred that offers a range of social activities and educational resources in and out of their home in accordance of the person’s needs.

Each person has their own individual community weekly programme that enriches one’s quality of life with opportunities. Our service is responsive to changes in people’s needs and their complex behaviours. We work closely in partnership with our independent Behavioural Therapists, Psychiatrist and counsellors which we purchase their professional support. They support us in how to work with ones complex behaviours and train our staff in accordance.

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