Values and Principles of care

Adelaide Care’s service provision is based on operational values and principles of care. Adelaide Care believes that, for services to be effective, they should be based on sound values and principles and an understanding of the fundamental and individual needs of people.

The Service Values are as follows:


The right of individuals to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion into their affairs. This is taken into account in the formulation of Care Plans, and will only be overridden in exceptional circumstances, and with the knowledge of the service user or their advocate.


Service user confidentiality is, wherever possible, maintained. On occasion, it will be necessary, for the benefit of the service user or others to share personal information with either other professionals or organisations. Where possible, service users are consulted and their views taken into account


All individuals, whatever their circumstances, have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.


Many clients, because of their circumstances, (e.g. age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, culture, religion or nationality), may find themselves in circumstances in which discrimination can occur. Adelaide Care designs its services and delivery to, wherever possible, promote equality and counteract discrimination where it arises.


Clients have the right to be heard and to be fully informed on all aspects of their care. Methods of communication are appropriate to the particular abilities and experiences of each individual, and are tailored to each particular set of circumstances.


Clients are enabled to act independently. Services are aimed at maximising the individual’s capacity for self-care and mobility.

Risk Taking

All clients are entitled to make decisions about their daily lives and activities. This may, from time to time, result in a conflict between ensuring safety and maximising independence. Clients will be supported in their decisions to take reasonable risks.


Every individual, whatever their circumstances, has the potential for development, and the right to hold personal aspirations. Within the boundaries set by legislation and professional social work ethics, service users are encouraged in achieving their personal goals.


The rights of citizenship are safeguarded for all service users. Work should be conducted in a manner that facilitates empowerment and makes appropriate use of advocacy.


Clients are expected to accept appropriate responsibilities, taking into account their particular abilities and circumstances. These may include having due regard for others, for property or for participation in Care Plans.


Services are designed to be accessible and flexible, promoting ordinary lifestyles and based upon client’s own choices. Individual choice is promoted, within the limits imposed by service constraints.

Family Support

The value of the contribution of client’s family support is fully recognised. The needs of the client we are providing, or intending to provide, regular or substantial care is, where requested, assessed independently of the needs of the client. The outcome of the assessment is taken into account when agreeing Care Plans.

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