Staff & Training

Part of our organisation recruitment selection process, staff are selected in line with the each person’s specification using the service in order to best meet the individual’s needs. We ensure selected staff has received comprehensive induction training in how to work with the individual’s functioning and how to communicate and respond to their needs. Any person’s moving transition process is planned and worked in partnership with the person’s current placement to introduce the new staff.

All persons using our services will be supported by trained and competent staffing group who are skilled and experienced with working with adults with multiple Learning difficulties, (mild, moderate, profound) Autistic Spectrum Disorder Autism, Aspergus, challenging behaviour with other complex needs and Mental Health needs. We have criteria where we match staff to the person needs including their skills and experience. As part of the recruitment process Support workers will shadow a member of staff and where people will have an opportunity to have a view regarding the member of staff to work with them. All staff has the skills and experience to deliver the care required in accordance of the person plan and risk management guidelines.

Management and Staff

Adelaide care will ensure that managers are responsible, capable and qualified. Adelaide care supports ongoing training of staff especially through National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) routes. This ensures that staff is competent and trained to do the job they do. Additional to this, Adelaide care ensures staffs appropriateness for the work through recruitment and selection processes, in line with the Domiciliary Care National Minimum Standards.

The level of expertise and experience promotes stability and continuity in the services offered and the value base required to develop the service in a professional and flexible way.


Adelaide Care has a programme of training for staff to recognise the value of learning and development of competencies in order to deliver a high quality service. Our staff members are trained up to NVQ level and we purchase ongoing specialist training on site and relevant training in line with staff personal development to ensure that our staffing group continues to enhance their skills and knowledge.

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 2 Direct Care. This course is aimed at care workers and it focuses directly on the way in which people work. Assessment is by observation of people whilst working.

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 3. This course is aimed at staff with supervisory responsibilities and is assessed at the work place using observation.

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 4 Managing Care, This course is aimed at staff that manages the service and is a reflection of their managerial responsibilities.

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 5 Operational Management. This course is aimed at senior managers and is a reflection of their ability to manage staff on a day to day basis and develop the service.

All our staff undergoes the understanding and Managing challenging Behaviour NAPPI training. This training focuses on the assessment, prevention and management of violence and aggression in confused and unpredictable people. This enables our staffing group to recognise changes whilst identifying triggers in person’s behaviours and how to defuse situations before it escalates into an incident. Our staff is trained to carryout breakaway techniques and two person escort in order to remove a person away from harm or risk as a last resort.

Our staff are experienced, trained and well supported by management and there is back-up support from an excellent administration team. Our records demonstrate good working practices, which highlight how people are supported.

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